Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rainy Days

Brandon let Dallin go home teaching with him! He was very excited

Peyton singing her baby to sleep

It was a rainy day believe it or not! I decided to set the slide on the kitchen table and let the kids go crazy! Don't worry there was plenty of padding when they landed

Peyton didn't like it much so she just chilled with another baby under the slide! Love the hair

Doesn't it look fun!

We did the stairs next, it doesn't look like it, but Peyton loved it!

See, rainy days can be fun! I'm glad they both came out of it alive!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Girls trip to the big SLC!

Well here we go! Heidi is driving with Heather by her side. Carley didn't come, even with all of our begging!

Our first stop was sushi!! It was the first time for a few of us including my mom, she said "I like sushi."

As for Heather and I we are sushi pro's, we of course love it!

Jamie said "It's pretty good, I wouldn't go craving it though."

Heidi said "No no no."

Next stop, Target. To get treats of course!!! What's a girls trip without treats?

The sushi made me a little sick, I said "What can you do?"

We are walking to our elevator......

We are in the elevator
Mom needs lots of bags for our two day trip

Finally, we enter the room. Boy did Heidi ever get us a deal on the hotel! She is great.

We started the crazy night with some crazy activities.....

Then we ate some treats. They are enjoying some of my homemade treats. (At least I hope they are enjoying them)

I wanted a sweet picture of my mom and me but scary Jamie snuck right in! She gets you sometimes!

Here is some hallway action, I am trying to look like bigfoot.

Now onto game time. I made them do an action shot. I love it!

I tried to do the action shot but that Jamie is just to darn funny! Oh Jamie.

Jamie is explaining the game and Heather is listening.

Mom got tired and went to bed in the next room. Us crazy girls stayed up until 2 am talking!

Heather's nails matched my pants, can you believe it? We didn't even plan it, I swear! Oh man!

Now onto the next day. What's up with me and bigfoot?

Yep that's a whole cupcake in her mouth! Good thing it's a mini cupcake!

Momma and Heidi! Doesn't Heidi look great for being nine months prego?

Now onto lunch

Heather and Heidi shared a long thing

We shared a bagel, and my mom got her own incase you were wondering

Jamie and Heidi had sunglasses...........

Heather and Tanill had sunglasses.........

And my mom forgot her sunglasses!!

Off to shopping!!!!

You wouldn't believe the money we saved with Heidi's coupons!! Once again, Heidi is great!

We got a little hungry after all the shopping. Oh that bread was great. Jamie got two drinks because the waiter messed up the first one. We all enjoyed that.

He also messed up on my food! I'm saying "Why me?" I had to wait while he fixed it.

We got a great deal on these Twilight shirts at walmart

Jamie is a rebel and got black

Mom working hard on baby blankets! Without her all of our babies would be cold.

Now onto serious buisness. We had a cheerleading competion. You see Heather and Heidi were both head cheerleaders, so I thought we should divide in teams and have them teach us a cheer and have my mom pick the winner. We are stretching.

Jamie and Heidi are team number one AKA "The Tigers"

We are team number two AKA "The Knights"

"May the best cheer win."

Look at that form!

Man she was good.

I tried my best. I thought I did very well.

But the judges went with team Tigers. It was hard to except at first, but she did have great form. Well thats it! My camera died so you all missed the next morning breakfeast and the ride home. I am truly sorry to leave you hanging, but what can I do about it?